5 Reasons Why You Should Support Local Businesses

August 30, 2021


“Support Local! Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia!”

We often see this slogan in the media to urge and encourage us Malaysians to support local businesses. Here are some benefits as to why we should support local businesses and how important our support is: 


1.       Strengthen local economy and creating more jobs

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy. By purchasing local, we are able to boost growth for local industries. Eventually, we could help create more job opportunities because when there are high demands in our local industries, they would need to hire more workers.


2.       Improve the competitiveness of local businesses

Local businesses deserve a chance to grow and compete with their peers. With the support from locals, together with a healthy mix of competition, creativity and innovation, we can give any business a push towards their goal. 


3.       More personalised service

Local businesses have a better understanding of our local market as compared to other large chains. Therefore, they could provide services and products that are specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of Malaysians. Local businesses are generally more helpful, so you can expect to receive friendly customer service!  


4.       Reduce environmental impact

Locally owned businesses require less transportation because they often make more local purchases for their products. Since they are typically located closer to residents, this will create less traffic and air pollution. Cumulatively, all of these will lead to less congestion and overall less harmful impact on the environment.


5.       Community support

A variety of local businesses can help keep the area vibrant and buzzing with shoppers and tourists. Every purchase made from the local businesses helps owners provide decent wages for local employees, and put food on the table for their families.


All in all, there are countless advantages and important reasons as to why we should always make the conscious effort to support local businesses. In the midst of a global pandemic, our support means the world to them because every small purchase gives them a fighting chance to get through these difficult times. Let’s #SupportLocal because they need our support now more than ever.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke-64 Malaysia! 


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