Kefi Kohi
Kefi Kohi
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Bringing you pleasure in life with just one sip- ☕️
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The word 'kefi' in Greek means "to enjoy" while 'kohi' is simply "coffee" in Japanese. Hence, our slogan "to enjoy every moment with coffee".

We try to bring out the best tasting notes from our ingredients, emphasising ultimately on what producers wish to achieve: natural flavors from raw materials. Therefore, we try to reduce the introduction of artificial sweeteners and preservatives to our drinks.

Combining our architectural skills and barista knowledge, we want to reflect our vision to customers from what they can see, to the end product of what they can taste and feel about our drinks.

We appreciate honest feedback on our drinks to help us improve. Let us know what you think and what you don't like about a certain thing. We hope it doesn't just end on just a financial transaction, and would love to educate and learn from others at the same time. As stated in our slogan, we wish our customers enjoy every moment with coffee.

P.s.: yes, the founder of Kefikohi was an architect!