Eco Green Shop - new certified Bio, Green, Eco, Halal & Nano enzymes that are pH neutral /non-corrosive /food grade for decontamination/cleaning. Also provide certified green decontamination/ preventive disinfection services for air cons & building.

Hi, I’m a green advocate. I discovered the Airestec Group a few years ago. It does R&D and manufacturing of certified Bio, Eco-label, Green, Halal & Nano enzymes for de-contamination and treatment solutions. Airestec is certified as Bio, Green & ISO 14001: 2015 (which is for environment) as a service provider as well especially for Indoor Air & Environment Quality (IAQ /IEQ) to tackle the ”Sick Building Syndrome” that causes people to be sick in buildings (partly due to bacterial, mould & fungal contamination). It is considered the most comprehensively certified in this sector but the focus has all this while been on commercial/ industrial so it’s not quite a household name yet. It’s already 20 years in Malaysia, starting 30 years ago in Australia. It recently won the ASEAN Business Award 2020 for SME Excellence (Innovation) in Vietnam and was the only science-based winner in this category.

The founder has allowed me to sell some of the products to consumers as it is not normally sold to the general public so I have listed them on Lazada, Shopee & Carousell. For enquiries on any other unlisted products or services, you may contact me. Basically it’s about replacing the harmful/unhealthy/corrosive chemicals being used for cleaning including drainpipe unclogging, mould removal, odour removal, etc. The keynote to take away here is that these enzymes are scientifically-proven to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, mould, fungus & algae but it requires a process so please don’t expect ”instant magic”! There are different S.O.P.s for different situations. That’s why adhering the S.O.P. is important. The enzymes are mainly freshly-made as Airestec uses the JIT system (”Just-In-Time”) since the enzymes can be stored for up to 2 years only. Once activated by water, they will readily biodegrade within 28 days (up to 89%) while the balance 11% will also biodegrade in the following months. This is the highest % of biodegradability readiness of any product of this category in the market! For those who are unaware, ”Readily biodegradable” is a category that is higher than that of ”100% biodegradable” which comes with no time-frame so if it took a 1,000 years to biodegrade, it is still ”100% biodegradable”! The ”Eco-label” by SIRIM (part of the Global Ecolabelling Network) requires stringent testing of ”readily biodegradable” products, of which, Airestec has the highest passing % rate so far. This will ensure that carbon footprints are kept to a minimum.

I am concerned about the amount of pollutants going down the drains and into the water table / ground / sea / rivers, which we will all eventually pay a price for.

For consultations / enquiries, you may contact me via WhatsApp at: https://airestec.wasap.my/ or email at probizbs@gmail.com


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